Explorative Design

Course: Interactiondesign 2 - KTH

Date: September 2015

Collaborator: Edwin Heydari

Tools used: Adobe Photoshop CS5

My role in the project: Collaborate in developing the three design ideas. Create and design the three posters.

World Race App

There are lot of running applications out there, but very few of them have made the idea of running "live" vs someone else a headline or even an existing alternative. Our idea is aiming for an running application that got all the basic features that the running applications usually have - though the main and headlining feature in World Runner would be that you can compete against anyone around the world, at real time.

The Challenge Accepted

You challenge your friend and eventually both of you have to video record your performances. Then upload them globally, or among friends.Let them vote and through that decide the winner. The winner gets to chose a punishment, and this section is tricky. The punishment is much more severe than the actual challenge (as it suppose to be), however; we could not decide whether the punishment was also obligated to be uploaded, or if it would stay as an agreement among the two friends. We figured that people will already get a good laugh through the recorded performances, but that the punishments should be:

  • Chosen if they are shared globally (entire world gets to see) or
  • Chosen if they are shared among the two contestants and their friends or
  • Chosen privately (only the two contestants gets to see)


The purpose of this idea was to continue the legacy that the 90:s left us; and reintroduce the mixtape, though in a digital manner. We are both interested in music and for what it could represent, except for being a spotify list or a simple link you share with your friends. Maybe you would like to give your beloved a list of songs that are representative for your relationship, and that shows you have put effort in creating that list? Or maybe you could share your digital mixtape/s, that acknowledges the type of individual that you are?

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