Discursive Design

Course:Interactiondesign 2 - KTH

Date:December 2015

Collaborator: Marcus Rönnmark

Tools Used: Iphone 5,Sketchpad 3.7 & Adobe Premiere Pro CC

My role in the project: Collaborate in developing the idea and to come up with a scenario and sketch a scenario for the video. My role also included acting in the video and editing the video. 

Lights Out

This project was carried out during a 4-week-period in the course Interaction Design 2 at KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Sweden.The aim of the project was to create a video that would create a discussion and raise awareness of the extensive energy use in homes, commercial buildings and transportation.

First Sketch

The sketch shows how electronical devices inside the house gradually stop working while the girl is playing a mobile game on her phone.


The video is an advertisment for a video game that accentuates the importance of using energy wisely and highlights excessive energy use. As the player in the game takes more energy bars than needed needed, energy is taken from electronical devices in the environment of the player.  

Click below to see the video

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