Commercial Design

Course:Interactiondesign 2 - KTH

Date:November 2015

Collaborator:Joni Baitar

Tools Used: Sketchpad 3.7, Adobe Photoshop CS5 & Axure RP Pro 7.0

My role in the project: Coming up with and developing the idea. Design and create the sketch, the brochure and the clickable prototype.

CS Poll

This project was carried out during a 4-week-period in the course Interaction Design 2 at KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Sweden. The aim of the project was to design an application or device that could be used from a commercial point of view.  The intention is to give companies the possibility to understand their customers and gives the opportunity to adapt their services and products to the needs of their customers. 


The sketch shows the design of the device on which the customers will be able to give their opinion. The device has 5 different button and the customers will press the button that best corresponds to their opinion of the product or service provided .

Clickable Prototype

The device is controlled by an application. The figure shows the prototype of the mobile application. From the mobile application the user can choose which question should be shown on the device.


The figure shows the brochure that was designed for this project. It shows the funcionality of the device and the mobile application as well as the pros of using it.

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